Success Stories

Success Stories

  • My very first client turned out to be an embezzlement case where I found over $160,000 of embezzled funds. The perpetrator is now serving time in jail.

  • After working with a client in California using remote access to clean up their bookkeeping, I was sent to California to finish the job. I found over $10,000 of credit card transactions that were never processed and the company was able to process them and collect over $10,000 that they didn’t even know they were owed. We put systems into place so that this won’t happen again.

  • After a client divorced his wife who was his bookkeeper, the client found that reports weren’t filed, and he was about $50,000 behind in his income and payroll taxes. I was able to negotiate with the government to reduce his liabilities and put him on a payment plan to get the remaining balances paid.

  • In 2008, I started paying bills and reconciling the checkbook of an active duty military man who was stationed in Afghanisan. After his return to the United States, he kept me on and I finally got to meet the man face-to-face. Even though he retired from the military 3 years ago, I still do his bookkeeping each month.

  • After years of having financial statement that didn’t make sense (no income and all expenses) I changed a few setting in their Quickbooks file so that they can now have accurate financial statements. Turns out that their Quickbooks file was set up incorrectly from the beginning.

  • Successfully applied for and received non –profit status for 3 clients.